The Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine

money machine rentals

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The Ultimate People Magnet!

People can’t resist the sight of someone inside the cube, grabbing desperately at the swirling money! Before you know it, you’ll have a line of eager contestants ready for their chance to enter the Money Machine.

Powered by a high velocity electric blower connected to the back of unit, the Money Machine gives contestants 30 seconds to grab at the prizes flying around them. Included with your rental or purchase of the Money Machine is a stack of faux cash and protective eye wear.

Dozens of Models for Every Budget!

Our Money Machines are available in multiple design styles including the hard case, inflatable and collapsible.

Hard Case Money Machines come fully equipped with all the “bells and whistles” for a high energy gaming environment. Made from metal and clear lexan glass, each hard case cash cube shines with a high gloss metallic finish. The digital LED scrolling message board displays your marketing message for all to see.

Inflatable Money Machines feature a durable body that can be anchored for outside or indoor use. The unique frame attracts all types of viewers and players. The Inflatable Money Machine is perfect for both kids and adults. It’s impossible to miss!

Octagon Money Machines are budget friendly, light-weight, collapsible and fit in the trunk of a car.
Money Machines are available for rent or purchase. Each machine can be custom branded with your casino’s logo and marketing message in full color graphics.

Still have questions about Promotional Money Machines? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


Promotional Products and Casino Giveaways

casino promotional giveaway items

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Maximize Brand Identity with Promotional Products!

What happens at the casino stays at the casino…unless it comes back in the form of your logo on a sleek Thermos, USB car charger or a handy flashlight that your patrons can use once back at home. With just a glance at these custom branded promotional items, your customers will be reminded of all the fun and excitement your gaming establishment has to offer!

Business cards, fliers and brochures are a marketing technique of the past. Promotional products serve as an effective marketing tool to help you drive traffic to your website and maximize conversation. Printed with your business contact information, web address or QR code, promotional products will steer potential business directly to your website.

Quantities and Prices for Every Business Size!

Our high quality promotional products are available in small and large quantities. We pride ourselves on quick turn-around times and a seamless design process. Best of all, our promotional products are priced at an incredible value to ensure you get the most for your money.

Still have questions about promotional products? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


The Prize Vault

prize safe promotional product

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Can You Crack the Code?

Add a new twist to your gaming floor with the Prize Vault. Fill it with stacks of cash or luxury promotional items and challenge your guests to crack the code and win the contents!

The Prize Vault is a clear, Plexiglass safe that you fill with high value prizes for your customers to try and win. With a 4 to 6-digit prize vault code, there are millions of possible combinations. The Prize Vault creates loads of anticipation and excitement! Who will be the lucky winner to crack the code?

We also offer jack pot insurance worth up to $10,000 so you won’t be responsible for a penny of the payout if a lucky contestant wins.

Fully Customizable!

Available for rent or purchase, the Prize Vault can be custom branded with your casino or gaming establishment’s logo in full color, eye-popping graphics. For increased exposure, add a custom branded pedestal to display your Prize Vault.

Still have questions about The Prize Vault? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


Customizable Scratch Off Cards

scratch off promotions

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Scratch and Win!

If you’ve ever played the lottery, you know how much fun it is to scratch the sparkly coating, revealing the big prize! Using Scratch-Off Cards for your casino giveaways will give your guests this same thrill. Use Scratch-Off Cards as invitations to your casino or gaming establishment. You will be surprised at how many people flock to redeem their prize!

Fully Customizable!

Scratch-Off Cards are designed to order with a 10-12 business day lead time. You’ll collaborate with one of our graphic designers to modify size, shape, graphics and colors. You can also customize the level of game complexity with up to ten prize levels, leaving you in complete control over the winnings.

Our custom Scratch-Off Cards are great for contests, promotions, trade shows, invitations, business cards, coupons and countless other ideas!

Still have questions about Scratch Off Cards? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


The Casino Promotion Prize Wheel

casino prize wheel promotion

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Everyone Loves to Spin The Wheel!

Create the allure of America’s favorite game show, Wheel of Fortune! The Prize Wheel adds instant excitement to every type of event. Featuring a Prize Wheel at your casino or gaming establishment is sure to build a crowd of players, eager for a chance to spin and win!

Dozens of Models to Choose From!

Prize Wheels are available for purchase in multiple different sizes, ranging from our 20” table top version to the 72” free-standing model. Stock Prize Wheels can be personalized with our easy-to-use online templates. Custom models are available to include LED lights and custom magnetic prize slots.

Still have questions about The Prize Wheel? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


Plinko Casino Game

casino plinko board

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A Game Show Classic!

Invented by an executive producer at the Price is Right, Plinko is the most popular game on the show. In fact, the name “Plinko” came from the “Plink” sound the chips made as they came down the board. Now you can feature your own Plinko board at your casino or gaming establishment! The game consists of a large board that’s covered in a number of small pegs in an alternating design and prize sections at the base of the board. To play, contestants simply drop a small plastic disk down from the top of the board and watch the puck wiggle and squirm its way to the bottom.

DIY Customization!

Our Plinko boards are available in white or black and are customizable with our easy to use online templates. The boards come with three pucks. Additional pucks are available as a separate purchase.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind Plinko Board, have one custom built specifically for your casino or gaming establishment. Each custom board comes with a large changeable face that can be branded with your logo or message.

Still have questions about Plinko Boards? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


Phone Charging Station

changeable face plinko board

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When it comes to tradeshow, your 1st goal is to provide value to your customers, and secondly to maximize your ROI. Tradeshows are great places to network and exchange ideas, as well as making a lasting impression on attendees.
Customers who use phone charging stations have seen on average a foot traffic increase by nearly 35% and are a great way to provide value to attendees at these trade shows.
With these custom phone charging stations you can offer prospects the availability to charge their mobile devices such as: Smart Phones, iPads, and tablets. This allows your customers to stay connected with family and co-workers, while giving you a prime opportunity to interact and engage with these prospects.

We offer various styles of custom phone charging stations such as:

  • Custom branded table-top chargers
  • Custom branded floor model chargers
  • Tables with foot rest and built-in charging stations
  • Affordable DIY custom branded table with an added charging station models
  • Why stop there?
    Maybe these guests had to pack in a hurry and forgot to bring their phone chargers. In addition to charging their phone at your booth, you good offer them a charging cable organizer with your branding, or a portable power bank with your logo!
    Tradeshow attractions, such as phone charging stations, have the power to generate brand awareness and a great user experience to bring life to your booth!
    Check out our large selection of custom phone charging stations to rent or purchase yours today!
    Still have questions about custom phone charging stations? Speak to a Trade Show Promotions Specialist at 800-573-3111.


    The Bingo Blower

    casino plinko board

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    A Game Show Classic!

    People who visit casinos are typically there for one thing; TO WIN! With all the action in the casino market, keeping all customers, including High Rollers and VIPs, interested. This is a challenge and it requires going above and beyond offering just slot machines and card tables. We know how to keep people’s interest piqued with our casino event marketing strategies and Pick 6 Bingo Blower© does exactly that.

    Pick 6 Bingo Blower© is an exciting combination of two classic games: lottery and bingo. This rapid game format is designed for promotions that need to be quick, simple and fun! A typical round of Pick 6 Bingo Blower© is about six minutes, and can hold up to 20 players.

    Pick 6 Bingo Blower© is small enough to fit on a table top, and has a clear dome with a 360° view. The balls fly around powered by a high speed, yet quiet blower. Every rental or purchase comes complete with playing cards, signage, balls, daubers and ball display stand.
    Available for rent or to purchase, Pick 6 Bingo Blower© comes with everything you need to create a professional game. You can also optimize visibility by branding it with your logo.

    Still have questions about Pick 6 Bingo Blower©?
    Speak to one of our Casino Marketing Specialists at 1-800-573-3111.


    The Prize Decoder

    prize decoder

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    Scan to Win!

    The Prize Decoder makes an incredible impression on your audience and is sure to boost attendance. Here’s how it works: Attendees are provided with tickets printed with a unique barcode. Upon arrival to your establishment, your customers insert their ticket into the prize center ticket scanner which then reads the bar code. A digital display lights up, indicating if they’ve won a prize.

    Bring in the Crowds!

    To make an impression on your audience, mail them a unique prize ticket that must be redeemed in person to see if they’ve won. Event marketing strategies that use the Prize Decoder will help drive guests to your casino or gaming establishment. The completely customizable tickets are an excellent way to collect customer data for future event marketing strategies.

    Two Models to Rent or Own!

    There are two models available: tabletop or freestanding versions, both available for purchase or rent on a daily/weekly basis. Both versions come with a video display that lets contestants immediately know if they’ve won! If purchasing the Prize Decoder is right for your casino or gaming establishment, our team of graphic designers can create custom top and bottom panels to display your event marketing message as well as custom printed traffic tickets.

    Still have questions about The Prize Decoder? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


    Buzzwire Game


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    Your Guests Will BUZZ With Excitement!

    Playing is fun and easy –Similar in concept to the classic children’s game “Operation,” contestants strategically move a small handheld hoop along a live wire. If the handheld hoop bumps into the live wire, the game will let off a loud BUZZ! To be a winner, contestants must move the handheld hoop from one side of the game to the other without making contact with the live wire. The Buzzwire Game takes patience, skill and a steady hand.

    An Electric Experience!

    The BUZZ of the Buzzwire Game will attract guests from all over the gaming floor. Watch how fast the audience builds; guests will line in anticipation to play this exciting game of precision. The Buzzwire Game comes with additional options including two different size hoops, a customizable front panel and a rechargeable battery pack so you can position it practically anywhere in your casino.

    The Buzzwire Game is available for rent or purchase.

    Still have questions about The Buzzwire Game? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


    Treasure Chest Promotion

    treasure chest promotional products

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    For Pirates…and Everyone Else!

    Our beautifully crafted Treasure Chests set the mood for exciting give-a-way promotions. Here’s how it works: Pack the Treasure Chest with prizes, lock the lid and mail out the keys with an invitation to visit your casino to see if their key opens the Treasure Chest! 1000 bogus keys and 25 opening keys included. You control the odds.

    A Treasure Chest for Every Theme!

    Our multiple models of Treasure Chests include: Transparent Lucite, Brushed Gold, Stock Wood & Natural. We also offer a unique display stand that beautifully features your Treasure Chest. These optional stands come with professionally-designed full-color graphics

    Still have questions about The Treasure Chest? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


    The Toss ‘N’ Win Casino Game

    toss and win promotions

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    A Toss of Fun!

    The Toss ‘N’ Win Game also known as Corn Hole, is fun and easy to play, which makes it a great addition to your event marketing strategies. Easy setup, light weight and portable, feature it anywhere! Playing is easy — all players do is toss a bean bag into a hole at the top of the board and they can win one of your casino’s promotional giveaways.

    Fully Customizable!

    The front of the Corn Hole Game can be personalized with your gaming establishment’s logo or it can highlight your promotional giveaways using single-color or full-color processing. The design is limited only by your own imagination.

    Each Toss ‘N’ Win comes with eight bean bags and casinos can choose from a number of colors. Each bean bag can be left blank or customized with your gaming establishment’s logo.

    Still have questions about The Toss ‘N” Win? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


    Raffle Promotions

    promotional raffle tickets

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    And the Winner is……

    Everyone knows that a raffle drum means a fantastic prize is waiting to be won.

    Take your promotion to the next level with a beautifully crafted raffle drum.

    Each of our six models are built to rotate effortlessly with the turn of a crank.

    Get your tickets!

    Looking for a more professional ticket experience? Our graphic designers are at your service! Use a Raffle promotion as an opportunity to capture contact information or as a direct mail piece. Entice your audience to visit your gaming establishment by entering in your latest raffle.

    Still have questions about Raffle Drums? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


    Customized Popcorn Machines

    custom popcorn machines

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    Pop Up the Party!

    Enhance the atmosphere of fun by offering your guests a bag of freshly popped, movie theater-quality popcorn, popped fresh in your casino’s customized popcorn machine! A popcorn machine emblazoned with your colors and logo is a delicious and purposeful way to reinforce your brand.

    We offer tabletop Popcorn Machines in a number of sizes, styles and colors. For maximum reach, opt for a custom branded stand or choose a cart to instantly make your machine portable! Add custom branding to the machine in the form of a full-color screen printed logo and paint choices to coordinate with your company’s color scheme.

    It’s in the Bag!

    Take your marketing message one step further with custom printed popcorn bags. There’s no limit to what you can promote!

    Still have questions about custom Popcorn Machines? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


    Show Stopping Robots

    promotional robots

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    Hey! Look, Over Here!

    Stop traffic in your casino lobby with a bright-eyed & charming Promotional Robot! Even in the busy environment of a gaming establishment, our promotional robots are sure to capture attention and further your marketing message. Each of our robots has a unique skill that will demand the attention and involvement of your patrons!

    For Our Next Trick…

    Rent a Promotional Robot to stroll the gaming floor, delivering your customized scratch off cards, promotional materials or advertisements in a way that guests can’t refuse! This charming robot will even reach out his arm to shake hands! For larger areas such as your casino lobby, opt for a robot that will capture attention of patrons as they enter.

    To capture the attention of potential patrons outside of your gaming establishment, purchase a giant 6’6? animatronic gorilla robot. Available in various vibrant colors, this guy is sure to stand out! He moves his arm and his torso, all while holding a 21? x 36? sign displaying your marketing message.

    Still have questions about Robots? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


    Photo Booth Rentals

    photobooth rentals and promotions

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    Say Cheese!

    Make your casino marketing events unforgettable with a portable Photo Booth! Photo booths excite and engage patrons and create priceless brand exposure at a minimal cost. Each unit conveniently disassembles into easy-to-maneuver components, allowing you to place the photo booth virtually anywhere!

    Photo strips are customized with your logo and are sure to be shared with family and friends on social media, putting your logo in front of thousands of potential patrons.

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

    Rent a Photo Booth for your next event marketing promotion and you are sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience. With ample space for custom branding, our photo booths serve as mini billboards, perfect for advertising upcoming special events and promotions. Also available for purchase, our photo booths are built for portability and ease of use.

    Including a Photo Booth in your casino event marketing strategy is an effective way to increase both customer satisfaction and brand exposure.

    Still have questions about The Photo Booth? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


    Video Game Attractions

    rent arcade video games

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    Welcome to the Arcade!

    Spark excitement in your crowd with the thrill from a retro-inspired video game! Our vintage models like Pinball, Stargate or Pac-Man are always a hit. Our modern games, like The Putting Challenge are a hit too! Our large inventory features games that stretch across the decades. There is a model for every type of gaming establishment or event. Setup is easy, all you need is access to electricity!

    Ready, Set, Go!

    Available in tabletop or stand-alone models and they’re available for rent or purchase. Don’t worry about quarters or tokens — every game is ready and waiting for players.

    Still have questions about Video Games? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


    ATM Money Machines

    atm rental machines

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    Swipe to Win!

    Everyone goes to a casino, race track or gaming establishment for one reason — to win BIG! Attract attention to your gaming establishment with an ATM Money Machine and watch the crowds roll in. Give your visitors a specially branded ATM card that highlights your event marketing message and watch as they excitedly swipe it through the machine to see what they’ve won. The machines can be placed in prize mode or promotional mode so casinos can control the number of prizes won.

    The ATM Money Machine is available for rent or purchase. Purchased models are fully customizable. Great options for prizes include: Gift certificates, coupons or reward dollars that can be used in your casino’s floor, restaurants, gift shops or poolside.

    Still have questions about ATM Money Machines? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.


    Promotional Inflatables

    inflatable rentals

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    It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

    Set your gaming establishment apart from the competition with a larger-than-life Custom Inflatable! The key to all casino promotion is to get noticed and deliver your unique marketing message to potential patrons. Once customers are aware of your promotional message, the traffic comes in and your profits grow. Our Custom Inflatable Marketing Balloons are sure to catch the eye of potential patrons, sparking interest and driving them straight to your gaming floor!

    We offer a wide selection of tried-and-true promotional inflatable favorites such as a giant hot-air balloons, inflatable money bags and air dancers. Any of these well recognized marketing balloons can be imprinted with your company logo at a very low cost.

    It’s Anything You Can Imagine!

    For maximum exposure, let us to create a completely customized promotional inflatable that can’t be ignored! We can reproduce your casino mascot, a huge 3-dimensional version of your logo, or virtually any other object you can imagine. Promotional inflatable marketing balloons are an extremely effective way to get a big message out to the public at a low cost. Draw huge crowds to your gaming establishment with these larger-than-life advertisements and watch as the unique delivery of your promotional marketing message increases your client base and sends your sales soaring!

    Still have questions about Promotional Inflatables? Speak to a Casino Marketing Consultant at 800-573-3111.

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